Surround Sound

date. January 2021

city. Kyrenia

Time Based 3:40 minutes

Making and Research

SurroundSound is a piece consisting of sound samples collected from my surrounding environments, recorded with a cell phones voice recorder. In addition to that the work includes sounds that have been produced digitally using AbletonLive10 software alongside editing the recorded sound samplesw.


On the other hand, the piece also includes projected videos of collected footage from own surroundings and self experimentation at home.

The video work was prepared after the sound-piece was complete. When shooting for footage I was listening the sound for inspiration and ideas. For the whole process I have also done research on inspiring pieces such as: Data Stairwell from a group of students from the LCC, University of the Arts London. The Art of Sampling (text) by Taylor Madox, “The Metastable Circuit 1” (at DOCUMENTA 13, Fridericianum, Kassel) by Tarek Atoui, following with an interview with Inal Bilsel on a number of his work (local artist).

SurroundSound has been displayed at a local gallery we curated with 4 other local artists and art students.


(gallery view)