date. 16/4/2021

city. Nicosia

time based 1:37 minutes

Making and Research

Indentro is a project created entirely being inside a house. Audio part of the piece has been recorded with a built-in cellphone microphone. Including sounds that are heard both inside and outside the house. After recording all media, the sound gets edited using Ableton live 10. The visual part of the piece includes a footage that has a rather more interesting point of view. While thinking of creating a media for my the produced sound, brainstorming with tutors also helped me into finding a way to experiment with. I tied the GoPro on a wooden plank where my foot is also tied in between the two to get an image from where we always stand on. (visible below in documenting[filming] section.)

Ragnar Kjartansson inspired me into creating an eccentric frame into the sound I had in hand. With "the visitors" a video installation where each video was filmed in a different room with different instruments and sounds going on.