date. 15/9/2020

city. Kyrenia

Photograph edited in photoshop



A metaphorical imitation of a cut edge landscape in between four walls. A coincidental structure to be observed through various points of views. Land-piece of an ambivalent time.

There has been a good session of hair cutting in a small apartment. Person sat on a white stool, placed on top of a white bed sheet laid on the floor. A couple of hours later I took a step back and saw a surreal piece of land in-front of me! Was it from the future? or was it just by now? The whites of it gave me an impression of a big land of ice or a snowy mountain, even like the bottom of a glacier.

This coincidental piece of view was worth to capture, outcome of a natural force “gravity” in combination with human force of pushing, pulling and cutting. Combination of geometric and organic. A metaphorical appearance of an extraordinary land-piece inside a condo.